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Getting ISO certified is becoming increasingly important for businesses operating in the 21st century. It is the best way to show consumers your commitment to quality while also garnering trust amongst them. Hence, ISO certification is undoubtedly an amazing investment for all businesses.

Why Approach Us?

Simply put, the process to become ISO certified is a long, costly and tedious one for businesses trying to do it themselves. At Aizenz, we’ve helped countless companies become certified with professional ISO certification services and have perfected the perfect formula to achieve this while minimizing overhead. With our ISO certification package, it is a one stop solution for companies of any size to achieve certification covering areas such as licensing, training, business documentation just to name a few.

SME Pro Offers Several ISO Certification Services as a Bundle:

#1 Documentation Setup & Configuration

  • Whenever a new customer buys the system, we will assign highly trained system admins to configure the software.
  • Configuration follows a proven and standardized format for maximum efficiency.
  • Having an SOP allows us to efficiently train users to get certified.
  • Helps your business to cut down on the cost of certification.
  • Reduces time spent preparing and obtaining ISO certification.

#2 Unlimited Online ISO Training & Development

  • Each of our packages includes everything from certification to system as well as consultancy services.
  • Our services are mainly divided into two parts for your added convenience.
  • Firstly, unlimited ISO training and development will help prepare your system users by giving a primer on using our ISO certification system (based on working hours).
  • Consultancy can help answer and guide your business in a personalized format depending on your subscription.
  • We work with businesses of all sizes and can tailor our approach to best help you according to your needs.

#3 18 Users Licenses & 500MB Data Storage

  • As an added convenience, our package includes 18 licenses to our software as well as 500 MB of storage.
  • With this, 18 users will be able to concurrently access the system.
  • Provides added flexibility for system administrators to manage permissions.
  • A more fine grain control over accounts reduces security risks for your company.
  • Our system includes a user-friendly dashboard with options to track storage usage.
  • Customers do have the options to scale the storage plan as company demands increase.

#4 High Availability Hosting & Maintenance

  • High availability is a fundamental component in any system design since it is of great importance to businesses.
  • Aizenz invests in quality infrastructure located at one of the best Multimedia Super Corridors in Penang, Spice Arena.
  • With staff on duty to handle routine maintenance, you won’t ever have to worry about a major outage.
  • We strive to have our system available whenever you may need it.
  • The compound is served with world-class physical and software infrastructure, we give you nothing but the best.
  • High-speed internet connectivity ensures quick and easy access even with large traffic to our servers.

#5 Technical Support

  • There is no system in the world that can run forever without human intervention.
  • We pride ourselves in our professionally trained team of IT hosting & maintenance support personnel.
  • They are always on standby during working hours to assist with any problems you may have with the system.
  • Aizenz aims to provide every customer with complete peace of mind knowing that we have always got their backs.
  • Helps add a new level of human touch to each package sold to our customers.

#6 ISO Audit & Certification

  • In order to prepare your business on obtaining ISO certification, ISO training will be provided to the system users.
  • The inspection and examination will be conducted and issued by a certified body from DSM / IAS depending on your plan.
  • There is no need to worry as our ISO certification services help you prepare for the auditing process.
  • With the help of our ISO management software, you can greatly simplify the processing of passing the examination and obtaining the certification.
  • You can also stay on top of your game and always be ready for the yearly inspection conducted to ensure you adhere to the standards set forth by ISO.

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