We’ve collected a list of questions we receive the most frequently to help you understand the ways that digitalization of the ISO Certification Process will help you!

How many % of the certification success rate is by using the Aizenz platform?

  • 100% successful cases even during Movement Control Order (MCO).
  • 100% satisfactory in the event of working from home (WFH).
  • 100% online readiness audit.

Do you provide any guarantee if my company failed to be certified?

No, certification is a journey that needs 100% commitment from client, consultant, and auditor. However, our ISO consultant will ensure that your progress follows the planned schedule which has been agreed.

What will you do to ensure I can be certified?

  • It’s easy to use and is guided by Aizenz system such as versioning, corrective action, and document control.
  • You'll be guided by a professional consultant with 20 years of experience that could unlock all your ISO curiosity.
  • You’ll be supported by service consultants via whatsapp, messenger and email to attend any technical enquiry.
  • Your company will be audited by experienced auditors that focus on learning and continuous improvement.

How can Aizenz do it all in 3 months while the traditional platforms that are using paper hardcopy approach need 6 months to complete the process?

  • Aizenz provides all ISO templates with step-by-step guidance from the experienced consultant.
  • All the reviews, edits, amendments and approvals can be done online to shorten audit preparation time.
  • Aizenz automatically records all the versioning of documents when amendments were made, which will reduce the mistakes of using old versions of documents and the frequency of re-submit documents.
  • You don’t need to spend time to find a consultant and Certification Body to get your company certified as they are included in our ISO package.
  • Aizenz enables consultants and Certification Bodies to conduct online ISO audits.

Why are you different from conventional hardcopy method?

  • Platform developed by a group of patent pending IT professionals.
  • One-stop solution that eases the digitalisation, consultation, and certification needs in single-platform.
  • Easy to use, system guided, and paperless.
  • Integrate with third-party apps such as major MES, Accounting software, HR software, ERP, and CRM system.
  • Established and proven by >100 external audits by profound auditors from various industries.
  • As short as 3 months to be certified.

What are the benefits of achieving ISO certification?

  • Improve your business process.
  • Build a good organisation structure and reputation.
  • Achieve cost effective and good efficiency solutions.
  • Embedded risk and opportunity assessment process.
  • Provide good quality products and services.
  • Improve your customer satisfaction level and retention rates.

What is the challenge of the Aizenz ISO certification?

No internet connectivity. We suggest at least 8Mb internet connection speed that could prevent system interruption.

Does my contract start upon payment made?

Your subscribed ISO package will be started after 14 days of account setup completed.

Do I need to pay extra fees to use and maintain the documents in Aizenz ISO Management Software after I obtain the certificate?

There are no extra fees after certification. However, you need to pay the next year's subscription fees before the end of the contract. Our ISO certification service agent will notify you 3 months before the end of contract. There are various packages available to suit your business needs. In the event of contract lapse, a reactivation fee of RM3000 will be imposed.

For example, if the payment is made on 1 December 2021, your first year contract will start on 15 December 2021. Then second year subscription shall be paid before 14 December 2022. A reactivation fee will be imposed after 15 December 2022 if you fail to make payment.

Do I need to pay extra fees to engage the consultants to maintain my ISO certification?

Is there any extra fee imposed on top of the subscription fees?

No, unless additional storage (500MB for RM200/year) are required.

Can I choose consultant and Certification Body?

Yes. But all our consultants are equally experienced and professional. They all have at least 20 years of working experience. Also, clients can freely choose Certification Bodies such as DSM, UKAS, IAS, CNAS.

Can I change consultant if I’m not satisfied with the existing consultant?


How do you secure my data? Is it safe to host data in a cloud server?

It is safe, the databases are hosted at MSC status city and guaranteed by MDEC. We ensure minimum downtime and data security is not going to be tolerated.

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