Assured Food Safety with ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System

An estimated 600 million individuals globally (almost 1 in 10) fall ill from consuming tainted food each year and 420 000 die every year. Unsafe food comprises harmful bacteria, parasites, viruses and chemicals in it; up to 200 different diseases will most likely result from these dangers.

Therefore, sustaining life and fostering good health depends on having access to adequate supplies of safe and nourishing food.
“Nowadays, food-related industries can be found everywhere. But, food safety is a universal concern ”

To Persuade Your Clientele That the Food Served is Safe: Get ISO 22000 Certified


What is ISO 22000 Malaysia?

ISO 22000 is a Food Safety Management System, an up-to-date international food safety standard that is intended to standardize the needs for food safety management on a worldwide level for companies operating within the food supply chain.

ISO 22000 incorporates the HACCP system’s guiding principles. HACCP lowers the danger of contracting foodborne illnesses.

Does ISO 22000 Really Matter That Much?

Absolutely! Food is essential for life, we won’t be able to sustain ourselves without food. However, the premise to a healthy life is that the food consumed must be secure and harmless.

As previously mentioned, ISO 22000 is a global safety standard that aims to monitor food safety and lower hazards. Consequently, it is crucial for a business in the food-related industry to be ISO 22000 certified.

Food manufacturing involves a multitude of processes, covering food production, transportation, and distribution. It is entirely possible that the food will encounter safety issues if stringent safety measures are not undertaken during these stages. The end consumer’s health may be adversely compromised by such unfavorable food qualities. Additionally, the business’s reputation will become tarnished, which could possibly result in its collapse.

Food hygiene is a serious issue that must be continuously monitored. Keep in mind that, the majority of food professionals cite ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System) as the basic framework required of every food business.

Who Must Submit an Application for ISO 22000 Certification?

  • Everyone who is in the food supply chain.
  • For instance, food suppliers, food supplement manufacturers, etc.

The Benefits of Obtaining ISO 22000 Certification

#1 Enhanced Safety & Health

Keeping food risks to a minimum improves the health and safety of consumers.

#2 Adaptive Response to Dangers

Address issues that could jeopardize food safety more promptly and efficiently.

#3 Greater Commercial Opportunities

Some organisations need accreditation before any collaboration.

#4 Global Recognition

Strengthens a company's reputation with clients, suppliers, and investors.


Health is a matter that cannot be disregarded. A nourishing but safe diet is necessary for a healthy life. Every food-related business should aim for a win-win situation that safeguards both the general public’s health and the reputation of their business. Consequently, it is vital to become certified in the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System.


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