Enhancing Safety in Petroleum Engineering With ISO 45001


Petroleum engineering is the job constantly exploring, extracting, and producing oil and gas to meet global energy demands. They plan and carry out procedures to collect the valuable resources from the earth’s subsoil. Also, they have to ensure the secure operations of the equipment so that it can collect effectively the resources needed. As their occupation is high-risk jobs, it is a must for petroleum engineering companies to implement ISO 45001 so that they can avoid occupational hazards and guarantee their worker’s health in the long term. This article explores how the implementation of ISO 45001 can enhance safety standards and mitigate risks for petroleum engineers. 

How ISO 45001 Enhance The Safety Of Petroleum Engineering

Procedures For Equipment Repairs And Examinations

ISO 45001 outlines that a petroleum engineering company must constantly check, examine, and repair the equipment or the facilities that are used for extracting, and producing oil and gas. These equipment includes pumps, valves, and machinery that need to be checked regularly to ensure that they are reliable and functioning well. The negligence of checking will cause the leakage of oil and gas that worsen the air and water pollution. Hence, the organization can customize a schedule that assigns staff to examine the facilities using the inspection checklists so that identify potential issues, perform necessary repairs, and prevent equipment failures that potentially cause the occurrence of injuries or interruptions to operations.

Application of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Petroleum engineers will be surrounded with chemicals, poison, explosive, and flammable elements everyday. In order to safeguard the health and safety of workers, ISO 45001 highlights that the company must provide a proper PPE such as respiratory, safety glasses with side shields, helmets, fire-resistant clothing, etc when working with flammable materials or in high-risk areas. For instance, the fire-resistant clothing, gloves, and safety footwear with electrical hazard protection help safeguard petroleum engineers from burns and injuries in the event of a fire or explosion. Thus, the application of PPE will build a safe workplace and help to reduce the statistics of workplace injuries worldwide. 

Emergency Response And Preparation

When there is a lack of training and awareness among employees or top management about the handling of the emergency situation, it will cause many negative impacts to either employees or the company such as reputation damage, casualties, environment pollution, and other serious effects. ISO 45001 points up the importance of emergency response and preparation. For example, the company can collaborate and maintain a good relationship with fire departments or medical services that invite them to constantly share about the potential risks and emergency response plans when the issues happen. The training will help the employees or top management to respond effectively to the urgent situation and minimize the potential risks.

Hazard Identification And Risk Assessment (HIRA)

As the process of extracting and producing oil and gas is risky and complicated, the HIRA is an important procedure that requires the employees to systematically examine the daily work activities, facilities, and operational processes to identify potential risk and evaluate the likelihood of adverse consequences. For example, they may identify risks associated with drilling operations, chemical handling, or equipment failure. By identifying these risks, petroleum engineers can implement appropriate control measures to minimize their impact and ensure worker safety.


In summary, as the occupation itself is a high risk job, the petroleum engineering company should implement ISO 45001 to address various aspects of risk and ensure the well-being of workers. For instance, providing PPE to employees, constantly examining equipment, undergoing HIRA process, and early preparation for possible emergency situations highlighted in ISO 45001 can provide a health and safety working environment to employees. Thus, the statistics of workplace injuries from the petroleum engineering industry will be reduced. To further understand ISO 45001, you can also read the article about what is iso 45001 and boost your business today!

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