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ISO Certification Online Process in Malaysia

ISO certification online is the best way to attract new customers and boost sales for your business. You can save more than 50% of costs, manpower, and time compared to the conventional hardcopy approach when apply ISO certification online. 

In this article, we will show you how easy, fast and affordable it is to obtain your ISO certification online in Malaysia.

ISO Certification Online In Malaysia

The Benefits of ISO Certification To Your Business in Malaysia

ISO Certifications are becoming more critical for all organizations in today’s highly competitive business environment. Here are the key benefits of getting an ISO certification in Malaysia:

  • Gain A Competitive Edge 

Most people think that the products or services associated with ISO certification are of good quality. As a result, consumers prefer to purchase goods or services from companies certified with ISO standards. For example, if your company is ISO 9001 certified, and your competitors are not, you gain a competitive advantage to increase your market share.

  • Increase Sales 

Having ISO certification not only helps your business to create quality goods or services but also to understand the needs of your customers. More importantly, it helps you meet your customers’ requirements by offering exactly what they need. At the same time, you can allocate your resources more appropriately, which will increase sales revenue.

  • Save Costs 

Getting ISO certification in Malaysia is not only about quality and efficiency, but it can be employee safety and resources management. In short, the certification can help your business manage business risks in every area, increase efficiency and ultimately save costs.

  • Access Particular Market

In Malaysia, having an ISO certification can be a pass to access particular markets, most particularly government infrastructure projects. For example, a construction company that is ISO certified means it can manage its quality, efficiency and safety in running government projects. As a result, it has a higher chance to win the projects.

  • Build A Sustainable Business 

Getting ISO certification will enable your business to continually improve quality and business efficiency, manage risks, save costs, attract new customers and boost sales. All these are the essential components to running your business sustainability.

Apply ISO Certification Online Today
50% Manpower Reduction

Importance of Getting Online ISO Certification in Malaysia

Achieving ISO Certification in Malaysia is not a big deal. In fact, you can apply ISO certification online with Aizenz by using our fully automated ISO workflow management. Here are the real data on why you should get ISO Certification online in Malaysia instead of the conventional hardcopy approach. 

  • Make It Easy  

Are you new to ISO? No worries! Aizenz provides all ISO templates, easy-to-use features and ISO consultant assistance to your company. It helps you simplify your ISO certification process, from document edits and control to versioning. As a result, with online ISO certification, it will help you reduce the manpower that is needed to undergo the process by 50%.

  • Make It Fast 

Moving everything online means the authorized personnel, auditors and Certification Body can access the documents and data anytime and anywhere. In fact, you can edit, audit and review the documents 24/7 with your smart devices without going to your office. More importantly, it helps you get the ISO certification within three months, which is a 50% shorter than the conventional hardcopy approach.

  • Make It Affordable 

The investment cost of achieving ISO certification can be very high if you’re using a conventional hardcopy approach. However, your investment costs will be reduced by RM20,010 or approximately 53% if you use Aizenz’s fully automated ISO workflow management system. On top of that, the services of a consultant and Certification Body are included in our package. 

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Shorten The Process From 6 to 3 Months

Improve Your Business Standards By Having An ISO Certification in Malaysia

Want to get your company certified with ISO standards? Here is the list of ISO certifications you can get online in Malaysia:

ISO 9001 is the international benchmark for achieving quality excellence. It is also a business tool for improving your company’s efficiency, reputation and profitability. To get ISO 9001 Certification in Malaysia, you need to establish and implement a quality management system in your company and ensure the quality of your goods or services and processes.

Investing in the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System will help your company reduce waste, costs and risks while minimizing the environmental impacts on our planet.

Malaysian consumers are increasingly regarding ISO 22000 as a guarantee of food safety and quality. You can identify food safety hazards, prevent food safety failures and associated costs, and comply with the legal requirements by efficiently managing your processes.

The Occupational Health and Safety Standard helps your organization manage and improve your employees’ health and safety risks. You can also increase their productivity and performance with a proper framework.

HACCP is a management system used to manage food safety risks and hazards. It will help your company to identify and control potential hazards. As a result, you can reduce the likelihood of customer complaints or a food product recall. 

Make The ISO Certification Process Simple

Aizenz strives to make the ISO certification process as simple as possible for your company. To find out how hassle-free it is, take a look at our 5 simple steps to achieving your ISO Certification online in Malaysia.

Step 1: Setup

Create an account for your company and set up digital ISO documents.

Step 2: Train 

Kick start ISO meeting and attend ISO training with examination to learn about ISO.

Step 3: Do

Conduct documents reviews and get approval from the top management. Then, upload data and update records to the platform.

Step 4: Check

Conduct internal audits to assess the effectiveness of the implemented system. Then, get the top management to review the system and make adjustments if needed.

Step 5: Act

The external auditor will conduct a certification audit to determine if your company can achieve the certificate. After the completion of the external audit and obtaining qualifications set by a Certification Body, you will get your ISO certificate.

Apply ISO Certification Online Today

If you’re obtaining ISO Certification online in Malaysia, the process can be fast and easy. Here are what Aizenz will do to ensure your company can get ISO certified within three months:

  • Our fully automated ISO workflow management system will simplify the ISO certification process for you. 
  • You don’t need to spend time searching for a consultant and Certification Body to get ISO certification as they are included in our package. 
  • You can choose a professional consultant with 20 years of experience to guide you through the whole process.
  • Our service consultants will support you and solve any technical issues. 
  • We will have experienced auditors access your system for continuous improvement.

Apply Aizenz ISO Mangement System Software Today
To Save RM20,010 of The ISO Certification Cost

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