Bubble Tea Malaysia and ISO 22000: Delivering Excellence


ISO 22000 is a standard that will be applied by service providers who involve themselves in the food industry such as fast food restaurants, bubble tea drinks, food manufacturing, etc. The purpose they apply for ISO 22000 certification is to ensure the safety and quality of their products. 

Bubble tea Malaysia is one industry that has seen tremendous growth and popularity within these years. Bubble tea comes with a wide range of flavors and unique textures that make it become a popular beverage choice among Malaysians. As the market of bubble tea Malaysia has a high demand, it is suggested for them to apply and implement ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System within their business in order to ensure that their bubble tea products meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Whether you are a bubble tea business owner, an industry professional, or a bubble tea enthusiast, this article will provide valuable insights from ingredient sourcing to beverage preparation and beyond, ISO 22000 empowers bubble tea Malaysia to prioritize food safety and deliver excellence to their valued customers.

The Essential of Bubble Tea Malaysia to Implement ISO 22000

  • Restrictive Food Safety Procedures

There are a set of rigor rules that are listed in ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System that need to be followed by Bubble Tea Malaysia so that they provide high quality and safe bubble tea to Malaysians. ISO 22000 requires bubble tea Malaysia to actively monitor critical control points, application of hygiene guidelines, and adherence to standard operating procedures. By complying with ISO 22000 standards, bubble tea Malaysia can avoid food safety issues that affect their reputation, guarantee the health and well-being of the consumers. 

  • Tracking and Control of Ingredients

ISO 22000 requires businesses to record all of their raw material supply chain such as tea leaves, pearls, flavorings, sweeteners, etc during incoming and production. With proper documentation and record of the origin of each raw material and supplier, businesses can quickly identify and trace back any potential issues to their source, facilitating prompt corrective actions if necessary. Thus, bubble tea Malaysia should source for reliable and approved suppliers because it can guarantee they get high quality and safe raw material.

Furthermore, ISO 22000 also outlines that bubble tea Malaysia should store and handle all ingredients properly. In other words, ISO 22000 requires bubble tea Malaysia to have appropriate temperature controls to the ingredient, ensuring adequate ventilation, contaminants protection, and proper labeling, and segregation to the ingredients. By following the guidelines that stated in ISO 22000, they can prevent cross-contamination, maintain ingredient quality, and minimize the risk of contaminants into the raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods. 

  • Hygiene and Sanitation

Hygiene and sanitation is the most important in the food and beverages industry. The clean environment and preparation process will avoid consumers being involved with any food poisoning or risks. Maintaining high levels of hygiene and sanitation is essential in the food and beverages industry especially bubble tea. Hence, businesses should implement robust sanitation practices, regular equipment cleaning, and proper waste management in order to fulfil the ISO 22000 requirement. By adhering to these guidelines, bubble tea Malaysia can prevent cross-contamination, maintain cleanliness, and provide a safe environment for both employees and customers.


In conclusion, it is very encouraging that bubble tea Malaysia to apply iso certification online, especially ISO 22000 certification so that it remains competitive within the market. Restrictive food safety procedures, tracking and control of ingredients, and proper hygiene and sanitation contribute to delivering excellence in the bubble tea business. Implementing ISO 22000 certification allows bubble tea Malaysia to thrive in a competitive market and provide their customers with safe and enjoyable bubble tea experiences. 

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