Efficiently Obtain ISO Certification Malaysia in Today's Era

What Is ISO Certification Malaysia? Why Is It Important?

ISO Certification Malaysia is a certification issued by a third-party organization verifying a business adheres to a global standard created and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

“ISO is like building a house with a sturdy foundation. On it, you can create a successful business.”

Nowadays, the majority of businesses have ISO certification. A business that is acknowledged as being dedicated to the quality standards and quality management practices required to meet these standards is able to attract more clients and other stakeholders. As ISO certification entails lower error rates, higher quality, and generally higher standards.

How to Get ISO Certification in Malaysia Actually?

#1 Step 1: Training & Knowledge Development
To ensure that all business procedures adhere to ISO requirements, appoint a certified expert to oversee the entire ISO implementation. Training should be provided to all parties to enhance their understanding. It’s essential to have a copy of the standard operating procedure (SOP) on hand.

#2 Step 2: Prepare Documentation
Policies, quality objectives, job instructions, flowcharts, and other documents among many that are needed. It is intuitive to provide this information to an external auditor; Who will then manage all of the company’s documentation, standard forms, and registration documents.

#3 Step 3: Carry Out Implementation
Integrate new procedures or quality controls into work routines. On the basis of user feedback, employees are permitted to tweak the procedure during practice sessions.

#4 Step 4: Internal Audit
Conduct an internal audit with skilled internal employees or a third party internal auditor to ascertain compliance with the new standard operating requirements.

#5 Step 5: Certification
Obtaining certification once the auditors confirm that your company’s system meets ISO requirements.

In Today's Era, is There Any Efficient Way to Obtain It?

Absolutely Yes! Many businesses are beginning to enhance their operational strategy. 67% of businesses use automation solutions to improve end-to-end visibility across multiple systems.

In the industry of ISO certification Malaysia, an ISO management system was established in 2016 — Aizenz ISO Management System. It is a one-stop digital solution that ensures that your company receives online ISO certification at a low cost and in a short period of time.

With the ISO System, You Can Carry Out…..

Online ISO Certification System in Malaysia

#1 Storage Management

  • Unify all of your documents and records in 1 location.

#2 Role Management

  • Assign roles based on each individual’s responsibilities.

#3 External Integration

  • Proffer any complaints using the system.
  • Exporting data for integration with another system.

#4 Update Data In a Real-Time

  • Access to updated data anytime and anywhere.

#5 Task Allocation

  • Assign tasks to various users.

Why Should I Own an ISO System For My Business?

#1 Services Fees Reduction

  • Conventional ISO application costs RM 14,000.00
    (RM 10,000 for an ISO consultant & RM4,000 for the certification body)
  • With the ISO system, it costs only RM11,900 for 1 platform.

#2 Time-Saving

  • Conventional ISO application process takes 3 to 6 months.
  • With the ISO system, certification takes only 3 months.

#3 Manpower Reduction

  • Conventional ISO application requires 2 manpower.
  • With the ISO system, only 1 manpower is required.
    * Cost per manpower: RM 6,000

In short, you can reduce costs by up to RM20,010 with an ISO online management system!
Know more about how to get ISO certification in Malaysia.


A staggering 92% of business executives concur that businesses must automate digital channels and processes at the business level if they intend to survive and expand. Business models of the past are becoming obsolete. As a matter of fact, we must evolve in order to achieve greater efficiency. Consequently, adopting the online ISO management system makes it easier to achieve ISO certification in Malaysia.

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