ISO 45001 In Malaysia : The Role Of Stakeholders And The Technology Can Be Use To Support The Implementation Of ISO 45001

What Is ISO 45001 ?

An organization is responsible for the occupational health and safety of workers and others who can be affected by its activities. This responsibility includes promoting and protecting their physical and mental health. ISO 45001 is adopted from an OH&S Management System intended to enable an organization to provide safe and healthy workplaces, prevent work-related injury, avoid ill health, and continually improve its OH&S performance. ISO 45001 provides a framework for managing OH&S risks and opportunities relating to workplace safety and health. ISO 45001 encourages a safe and healthy work environment, and enables an organization to manage its OH&S risks and improve its OH&S performance.

The Role Of Stakeholders That Contribute The Successful Of ISO 45001

ISO 45001 the role of stakeholder

The Employees :

  • Training and Education : Employees need to be trained and educated on the ISO 45001 standard in order to help them to understand their roles and responsibilities in the workplace. The training enables them to perform their work in a safe and healthy manner. For instance, the training is provided 2 times per year so that the employees can be aware of their responsibilities and avoid themselves from any injury. 
  • Reporting Hazards and Incidents : Anything that is dangerous to worker health and safety should report to high management. The reporting from employees or workers to high management can help to identify and address potential hazards thus improving the OH&S. For example, lack of safety equipment (harness lanyard, hard hats, safety glasses and shoes) that cause workplace injuries are reported to the supervisor. The acknowledgement of the supervisor regarding the issues will help to improve the safety level of the workplace.

The Employees :

  • Participating in Risk Assessments : Employees are encouraged to provide valuable input and insights during risk assessments in order to help organizations gain more accurate information of the risks associated with specific tasks hence take action to reduce the potential risks. For instance, the involvement of employees in the process of establishing safety regulations and guidelines or threat assessment and hazard identification will increase the tendency of employees to take ownership of their own safety and the safety of their colleagues.
  • Follow The Procedures : The difference in working environment requires different safety procedures and protocols. The procedures and protocols can include personal protective equipment (PPE), adhering to safe work practices, and reporting any deviations from the procedures. The employees must have the awareness to protect themselves by following the procedures and protocols that are set out in the OH&S so that they avoid or prevent workplace injuries in the workplace. 

The Leadership : 

  • Setting the Tone : Leaders should model safe behavior, communicate safety expectations clearly, and provide the necessary resources to maintain a safe workplace. 
  • Promoting a Culture of Safety : Leaders should always listen to employees’ voices or suggestions in order to improve the standard of organizations. Hence, leaders are encouraged to open communication between employers and employees about safety concerns, providing feedback and recognition for safe behavior, and addressing unsafe behavior in a constructive manner. 
  • Providing Resources : An organization should Provide appropriate training, equipment, and personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure workers’ physical and/or mental well-being. The absence of these resources will influence the organization to get ISO 45001 certification.

How Software Support The Implementation Of ISO 45001 ?

The Technology Can Be Use To Support The Implementation Of ISO 45001

The ISO Management System Software can help your company to manage your: 

  • Storage

Your important documents can store and record in one place with standalone ISO Management Software. You no need to worry about the disclosure or missing of your important document or data. 

  • Role Assignment

The  ISO Management Software is available with multiple roles for users to access rights control. Each user has their own id and their specific role. The system admin will assign the role to the user based on their requirement.

  • External Integration

The system allows users to export the data needed to integrate with various system such as ERP, MES, CMS, HRM, etc.

  • Real-Times Updates

The ISO Management Software will show 4 stages of your documents which are Amend, Review, Live and Superseded. Users can edit the document draft, review and amend the document, and finally live stage documents. In the superseded stage, the documents are considered trash and just left for revision.

  • Version Control

Our ISO Management System Software makes document versioning can be traced easily. Upon releasing the new version of each document to the live stage, the system automatically updates the previous version to the superseded stage. This effectively avoids outdated versions of documents being wrongfully used, which is a major common mistake that happens via traditional way of document control (without a system).

  • Editor

There are a total 3 modes of document editor to customize your documents which are Word editor, aiForm, and Upload. Different stages of editors can access different parts and different authority of the system. 

  • Assign Task 

Users can assign tasks and leave comments. The system admin can appoint a Reviewer, First Level Approver, and Final Level Approver to review the document. The reviewer can also leave some comments about the document during the reviewing process.


In a nutshell, an organization should manage the workplace Health & Safety regularly and review the organization workplace policies or objectives. The action will help bring business benefits that are realized and prioritized accordingly in order to have a successful implementation of ISO 45001 Malaysia. Moreover, a company is also encouraged to use ISO Management System Software so that you can get you online ISO certification as easily as possible and be able to compete in the market. 

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