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In Malaysia, safeguarding employees from work-related injuries and illnesses is one of the most significant challenges, but ISO 45001 Malaysia can help. Investing in  ISO 45001 will refine the process of your company, making your workplace a safer and happier environment. 

Generally, being ISO 45001 certified demonstrates that your company values employee health and wellbeing. This can result in better relationships with your employees, customers, public, and community. In a nutshell, it creates competitive advantages for your business in the long run.

What is ISO 45001 Certification?

Each year, almost 2 million people die from work-related diseases and injuries. In other words, every day, nearly 5,500 people die due to work-related accidents or incidents. This number is particularly shocking and why the ISO 45001 comes in. It hopes to change that.  

Many people do not understand what is ISO 45001. ISO 45001 is designed to aid organizations of all sizes and industries. This new international standard is a risk-based approach to preventing accidents and incidents that happen in the workplace. As a result, it can protect the health and safety of workers. 

The standard of ISO 45001 Malaysia also includes creating a positive health and safety culture, which involves engaging all workers in health and safety.

The Transition From OHSAS 18001 To ISO 45001 Malaysia

In 2018, the world’s first international occupational health and safety standard was released. It has replaced OHSAS 18001, the world’s former reference for workplace health and safety. 

Besides, the organisations already certified to OHSAS 18001 have three years to comply with the new ISO 45001 standard, although ISO 45001 is not a mandatory standard.

What is the difference between ISO 45001 and OHSAS 18001, you ask? ISO 45001 will evaluate and remediate the risks before they cause accidents and injuries in the workplace. OHSAS 18001, on the other hand, focuses solely on the potential harm and not solutions. Therefore, the implementation of OHSAS 18001 is less effective compared to ISO 45001 Malaysia.

10 Clauses of ISO 45001 Malaysia

Clauses #1 to #3: Introductory

Clauses #4: Context of the Organization

Depending on an organization’s size and sector, there will be a wide range of environmental challenges that it must deal with. You shall list any compliance requirements in this section and any internal and external issues that may impact your organization or interested parties.

Clauses #5: Leadership

Clear expectations are set for top management by effective leadership. Executives are responsible for the performance of the aforementioned systems and have specialized duties ranging from setting goals to assisting relevant managers in their work.

Clauses #6: Planning

Identifying potential hazards or opportunities that may have an influence on your organization’s safety and formulating a strategy to address them if requisite are the subjects covered in this ISO 14001 clause. You should set objectives and indicate how you intend to accomplish them securely.

Clauses #7: Support

This section of ISO 14001 encompasses the documentation, communication, and resource requirements. You should assure that employees at all levels are knowledgeable about the EMS (Environmental Management Systems) policy, are aware of how they may successfully contribute to the success of the EMS, and are capable of accomplishing this.

Clauses #8: Operation

This clause mandates that you identify the activities that have a major environmental impact and prepare a documented procedure for those that fall under the purview of an EMS. The written procedure shall address the risks outlined in section 6 and provide remedies.

Clauses #9: Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation refers to monitoring and assessing your EMS to make sure it is efficient and supports incremental improvements. You must consider the variables to be measured, the techniques to be used, and the scheduling of data analysis and reporting. Organizations should determine what evidence they require to assess environmental performance and efficacy.

Clauses #10: Improvement

We all need to come up with strategies for those EMS process non-conformances. Remember that any alterations to business procedures or the adoption of fresh legislation must be taken into account by the EMS system for every industry.

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Certification of ISO 45001 Malaysia

Why Should You Get Your Company Certified with ISO 45001 Malaysia?

According to ISO Survey, valid ISO 45001 certifications in Malaysia increased 124% to 872 in 2020, compared to 390 in 2019. This is because the benefits of being ISO 45001 certified in Malaysia are manifold.  

#1 Reduce Risk  

One of the most significant steps to fulfilling ISO 45001 requirements is to identify and address risks, including sources and situations derived from your company that may cause harm or illness to your employees.

#2 Attract And Retain Employees

ISO 45001 allows you to establish a robust people management system to provide a safe and reliable working environment. Therefore, implementing the system will result in attracting and retaining employees.

#3 Boost Productivity

Your employees will feel more confident working in a safer workplace which will improve their productivity. Besides, implementing ISO 45001 system will eliminate inefficient practices, helping your employees contribute more in less time.

#4 Reduce Costs 

Preventing hazardous environments in your workplace will help you avoid costly insurance premiums. You can also prevent injuries and legal non-compliance that may result in legal fines.  

#5 Establish Your Credibility 

Proving your company complies with the international standard will establish your credibility as a key people leader. It will then improve your company’s reputation and revenue. 

5 Key Steps To Become ISO 45001 Certified in Malaysia

Now that you understand the benefits of ISO 45001 certification, let’s take a look at some of the steps you need to take to become certified.  

#1 Hire an ISO 45001 consultant 

Before you begin your ISO 45001 certification journey in Malaysia, you need to find an ISO 45001 consultant to train your employees and audit your workplace. If you want to be ISO 45001 certified faster in Malaysia, you need an experienced ISO consultant who can guide you along the journey. 

#2 Create a health and safety committee

The next step is to create a health and safety committee in your organisation. This committee will oversee the implementation of a consistent health and safety program in your workplace. 

#3 Develop a health and safety policy 

After you have created a health and safety committee, you will need to develop a health and safety policy. Your policy should cover all aspects of health and safety. It includes the roles and responsibilities of your employees, what health and safety training they will receive, and the health and safety resources they have access to. 

#4 Implement a health and safety program

Once you have developed your health and safety policy, you will need to put a health and safety program in place. Your health and safety program should be based on the requirements of ISO 45001.

#5 Conduct a safety audit 

Now that you have implemented a health and safety program, you will need to conduct a safety ISO audit to ensure that it is effective. Your safety audit can be helpful in identifying potential hazards in your workplace and formulating corrective actions.

How Can Aizenz Help You Get The ISO 45001 Certification?

More and more companies in Malaysia recognise the importance of the ISO 45001 standard. However, what holds them back is the rigorous process of the certification.  Aizenz, Asia’s biggest and award-winning digital ISO management system can help you achieve your ISO 45001 with 50% less time, manpower and costs. Here is how we can help:  
  • We have an automated ISO workflow management system to help you simplify the documentation and approval process. Keeping your data and documents in one place will also be easier for you to trace all the records.  
  • Our professional and experienced ISO 45001 consultant are competent in a wide range of sectors. They will provide guidance and advice to help you meet all the ISO 45001 requirements. 
  • We collaborate with various independent certification bodies that are certified by Accreditation Bodies (ABs), such as International Accreditation Services (IAS), Department of Standard Malaysia (DSM), China National Accreditation Service (CNAS) and United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

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