Plastic Manufacturer Malaysia With ISO 14001: A Better And Greener Future


Plastic manufacturer Malaysia is expected to earn revenue of USD 3,735.76 million in 2023, and is expected to reach USD 4,525.49 million revenue by 2028 (Mordor Intelligence). 


According to WWF Malaysia, there are a total 1,070,064 tonnes of plastic waste generated in Malaysia. Since the consumer already generates a huge amount of plastic, the plastic manufacturer in Malaysia plays a crucial role that contributes to a better and greener future. 


Recently, with the increase in awareness of environmental sustainability in Malaysia, plastic manufacturers Malaysia have realized the importance of environmental responsibility and actively support the implementation of  ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. This blog will explore how plastic manufacturers Malaysia can contribute to a better and greener future through the implementation of ISO 14001.

Advantages Of Implementation of ISO 14001 For Plastic Manufacturer Malaysia

Reduce The Rate Of Environmental Pollution

A chemical gas, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) will be released when a plastic is produced. VOCs will form ground-level ozone and smog, leading to air pollution. Moreover, high levels of VOCs can cause a range of health issues, such as respiratory problems, eye, and throat irritation. When a plastic manufacturer wishes to implement ISO 14001, they should obey the waste management strategies and pollution prevention techniques so that they minimize the harmful substances, such as VOCs, carbon dioxide, etc that cause environment pollution. In the other words, ISO 14001 encourages the adoption of sustainable practices that promote the circular economy and support the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Funding And Incentives Support

When a plastic manufacturer implements ISO 14001, it enables them to apply for funding and incentive support from the government or NGOs easily. This is because both parties have the same goal which is to reduce the environment pollution and encourage a green world. Thus, the financial resources from either government or NGOs will increase the ability of plastic manufacturers Malaysia to purchase cleaner technologies or improve their waste management systems that contribute to a better and greener future at the same time fulfill the ISO 14001 requirement.

Establish A Healthy Working Environment

For employees who work in the plastic factory, they will be surrounded with a lot of chemicals which influence their health in the long term. By implementing ISO 14001, the organization will promote environmental management practices that give least impact to both employees and the environment. The employee’s involvement in the process will enhance employees’ engagement, motivation, and satisfaction because they probably will think that the organization is very concerned with their health. In the other words, ISO 14001 will reduce the employee’s exposure to risky chemicals which guarantee their health. Thus, implementing ISO 14001 will directly give a positive impact to the organization such as reducing health risk, reducing employees turnover rate, high company reputation, and production effectiveness. 

Environmental Leadership

When a company has ISO 14001 certification within their business, it proves that they are proactively addressing environmental challenges, implementing best practices in order to contribute to a better and greener future. Having the certification can persuade the investors or business partners to invest in your business and become a market leader. The more investment from investors or business partners, the stronger the position within the market. Hence, ISO 14001 certification positions plastic manufacturers as environmental leaders in the industry.


In a nutshell, as the environment pollution keeps worsening, plastic manufacturers Malaysia are encouraged to implement ISO 14001 within their business so that they can contribute to a better and greener future. Furthermore, ISO 14001 also brings many benefits to a plastic manufacturer such as reducing environmental pollution, easy to find fund and incentives support, promote a healthy working environment, and environmental leadership. Hence, plastic manufacturers Malaysia can contribute for a more sustainable and responsible future through obtaining ISO 14001 that benefits the environment, stakeholders, and the bottom line.

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