ISO 9001 : How Does It Influences A 24 Hour Fast Food Restaurant Business ?


Consumers’ eating habits change from time to time. Over the years, they prefer to eat fast food compared with local foods. The shift in the eating habits caused the increase of 24 hour fast food restaurants in Malaysia. Consumers tend to eat fast foods because it is quick, convenient, and affordable. These restaurants can often be identified by their rapid service, variable menu options, and uniformed food production techniques which make them a popular choice for busy people and families on the go.

How ISO 9001 Management Software Benefits 24 Hours Fast Food Restaurant?

There are several benefits can gain when a 24 hours fast food restaurant implement a ISO 9001 Management Software:

  • Enhancing Food Quality

24 hour fast food restaurants must create and uphold a set of procedures to assure the safety of their food under ISO 9001 standards. This involves standards for handling, storing, preparing, and serving food as well as standards  of service provided by the 24 hour fast food restaurant. Besides, it also enables them to keep an eye on and minimize potential food safety risks and avoid food contamination. By implementing ISO 9001, the 24 hour fast food restaurants can protect their consumers’ health, avoid unnecessary issues that are raised by foodborne illnesses, hence improve their company reputation and competitiveness within the fast food restaurant market.

  • Consistently Serve High Quality Of Food And Service

ISO 9001 requires the 24 hour fast food restaurant to develop and uphold a set of procedures when they operate their business. This involves strategies for analyzing and monitoring customer satisfaction, as well as methods for measuring and enhancing the quality of the food and services served to consumers. In the other words, actively engaging with consumers enables the fast food restaurant to improve their products and services. For instance, high-quality food can be food tasty, high nutrition, and freshness while good service can be fast queuing, low preparation time, and employee attitude. By doing so, fast food restaurants can always make sure that their consumers are satisfied from time to time.  

  • Legal Compliance

A 24 hour fast food restaurant must establish ang maintain a set of objectives and policy in order to fulfill the requirement of ISO 9001. Other than that, its aim is to comply with regulatory requirements set by the Malaysia government. For instance, the procedure include the 24 hour fast food restaurant actively compliance with food safety laws and regulation, e.g. Food Act 1983, Food Regulation 1985, and Food Hygiene Regulation 2009 so that they can always fulfill the legal requirements. The standard set by the fast food restaurants can service them from regulatory violations, avoid penalties from the government, and increase market share. 


In a nutshell, it is recommended that 24 hour fast food restaurants use ISO 9001 certification to increase their operational effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and general quality control. They can improve consistency and safety of their food products, organize their business operations, and decrease waste of foods by implementing a ISO 9001 standard.

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