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ISO 9001 In Malaysia

Whether you want to build a positive reputation or run a successful business in Malaysia, ISO 9001 accreditation is exactly what you need. The world’s most recognised Quality Management System (QSM) standard will help you ensure that your company produces quality products or services. It also makes sure your company operates at the highest standard.

If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your business standards, this article covers everything you need to know about ISO 9001 standard. It helps you understand what ISO 9001 is, the benefits of having an ISO 9001 certification in Malaysia, and how easy your business can achieve it.

What Is ISO 9001 Standard?

ISO 9001 is the world’s best-known benchmark for quality management. It is also a critical business tool to help your company operate in an efficient, effective and customer-focused manner. Ultimately, it boosts your company’s profitability, market potential and success. 

The ISO 9001 certificate is suitable for all types and sizes of organisations. Having said that, it is primarily used in the automotive, pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries. So, if you’re in this industry, it’s time for you to explore ISO 9001 and how it can help your business in Malaysia. 

By the way, Aizenz can help you achieve the ISO 9001 certification in Malaysia. We offer an automated ISO workflow management system with professional consultancy services. More importantly, you can achieve more than a 50% reduction in ISO certification costs compared to the conventional paper hardcopy approach.  

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Number of ISO 9001 Certificates Issued In Malaysia

The number of ISO 9001 certificates issued in Malaysia has doubled since the 2000s. It shows that the local organisations are increasingly regarding ISO 9001 as a guarantee of quality and efficiency. In 2020, there were 9,533 certificates issued in Malaysia. 

Why is ISO 9001 important to a business? The benefits of the standard are manifold.

  • Streamline Business Processes 

The quality management system can work as an effective business tool to unify your company’s operations. Therefore, it can provide a single view of customers and products. That means it will not only help you manage your customer expectations but also monitor your business operations. 

  • Increase your production efficiency

It helps to eliminate waste and use resources optimally, thus increasing efficiency. 

  • Effective Management

It eliminates weakness in the chain of command and improves the accuracy of information. As a result, it improves the effectiveness of operations. 

  • Improve Quality

It helps to improve quality by eliminating problems in the production process and detecting defects when they occur. 

  • Reduce Costs

It helps your company avoid waste and identify sources of variability. Accordingly, it can reduce costs to the minimum and prevent defects.

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction 

Generally, companies leverage the ISO 9001 Quality Management System to identify business risks and improve processes to ensure customer satisfaction. The system also gives a competitive edge against the market. 

  • Increase Employee Satisfaction

Since the ISO 9001 standard will help your company provide ISO training, develop a positive working environment, and provide a good salary, it surely will increase employee satisfaction.

  • Enhance Corporate Image

It helps to enhance the corporate image by providing transparency and engaging in socially responsible practices.

As Asia’s biggest digital ISO workflow management system, Aizenz can help you unlock these benefits faster. We guarantee you can get the ISO 9001 certification within three months.

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ISO 9001 in Malaysia

The 6 Key Requirements To Obtain ISO 9001 Certification In Malaysia

While achieving the ISO 9001 certification is not an easy task, it’s still essential to your business. Here are the six key requirements to obtain the certificate faster.

  • Competence – Your company must demonstrate that it has the necessary capabilities to perform the assigned functions. 
  • Authority – Your company must demonstrate that it has the necessary authority to make decisions that affect it.  
  • Responsibility – Your company must demonstrate that it has assumed responsibility for the decisions made by it. 
  • Integrity – Your company must demonstrate that it operates with a consistent set of values and has implemented an effective compliance management system. 
  • Accuracy – Your company must demonstrate that it has documented critical processes and activities with sufficient accuracy. 
  • Communicate – Your company must demonstrate that it has effective communication between functions and departments. 

10 Important Things You Should Do To Becoming An ISO 9001 Certified Company In Malaysia

To help you attain ISO 9001 Certification in Malaysia, our experts have listed the 10 important things you should do. 

1. Understand the Scope of the Quality Management System

The scope includes the products and services, and how to satisfy your customers. If your company understands the scope of their operations, it can better understand the risks involved in the production and how to eliminate them. 

2. Create a Customer Contact Program

By doing this, you can better understand the needs of your customers. You also can provide them with the best possible products and services. Then, you will satisfy their needs and shape a positive reputation for your company.

3. Set Up a Quality Management System

This includes identifying responsibilities, defining the processes, and measuring the results. It also includes creating standard operating procedures and performing quality audits. 

4. Implement a Quality Assurance Plan 

This is important because it helps you establish standards, eliminate problems before they arise, and improve processes. 

5. Put Procedures In Place and Follow Them

It helps you maintain standards, eliminate weaknesses, and correct problems immediately. 

6. Provide Training For Your Employees

This will help them understand their responsibilities and eliminate weaknesses in their processes. 

7. Communicate With Internal and External Stakeholders

You need to communicate about the management and auditing system with internal stakeholders and communicate the auditing results with stakeholders.

8. Establish a Risk Management Plan 

This will help you eliminate risks and ensure that they do not become problems that could affect your company’s operations. 

9. Comply with Laws and Regulations

This will help you understand the risks associated with production, and eliminate problems before they arise. It also helps you comply with laws and regulations to ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

10. Conduct Internal and External ISO Audits

This will help you understand the effectiveness of the quality management system and eliminate weaknesses in your operations. 

Leverage Aizenz ISO Workflow System and ISO Consultants
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Your Finest Solution To Quality and Business Excellence

Our goal is to save your valuable time by leveraging our all-in-one digital platform to achieve the ISO 9001 certification in Malaysia. Aizenz covers everything you need to obtain the certificate.

  • A Digital Platform with Easiest-to-use Features

You can shorten the certification process with our fully automated ISO workflow management system from 6 months to 3 months. The platform allows you to edit, review and audit your documents online. More importantly, it will help you save paper, manpower, money and time. 

  • Professional Consulting Services

Our professional consultant partners will guide your team through each stage of starting, implementing and achieving ISO certification. With over 20 years of experience in training, they have helped more than 100 companies get their ISO certifications.

  • Independent Certification Bodies

We work with independent certification bodies that have certified more than 15,000 companies worldwide. In addition, they have been accredited by accreditation bodies such as the International Accreditation Service (IAS), Department of Standard Malaysia (DSM) and United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). To put it simply, if your company is certified once, it is accepted everywhere. 

As an ISO Company Malaysia, we guarantee 100% online training and ISO certification process that suits your company standard, procedures and compliance requirements.

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